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Lasse Pettersson a passionate designer with long design experience

I am a passionate designer and this profession has given me a great opportunity taking part in development of the most interesting projects, mainly in the transportation field. I started at Volvo Cars, very young, where I by the time became responsible for the interior design. In the very end of the eighties I started, together with some partners, Nya Perspektiv Design where projects like the new Stockholm Metro were designed among a lot of others. This company was acquired by Epsilon in 2001 and became Epsilon Perspective Design where I continued as CEO for five years, never stopping to work actively as designer with a variety of projects. In 2005 I was asked to manage, as program leader, the Master education in Transportation Design at the Institute of Design at the University of Umeå.

I was running this education as a half time work for not loosing the contact with the “real world” and the rest of his time was spent as a partner in Lighthaus Industrial Design.

In the fall of 2010 I retired from Lighthaus and am now running Pharos Design, only working with projects that are giving me personal satisfaction and are close to my interests.

I have a great interest for the sea and boat life. I am spending most of my spare time on the west coast of Sweden in my cottage at the sea front, or out boating. I never misses the “lobster premier” in September trying to catch “the black gold” of the sea.


Lasse Pettersson